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Texas Medical Systems offers full service electronic data interchange (EDI) for medical practices! ...
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Beginning with real-time eligibility verifications, our service
enables medical practices to work more efficiently, guaranteeing better reimbursement by working with current, correct, and timely information. Our customers have instant access to the following healthcare transactions:

  • Live eligibility verification
  • Referral requests
  • Patient member number confirmation and benefits

Bring your claims to life. We plan to offer electronic claims submission and tracking. Utilizing the latest HIPAA standards for transmittal and security, our customers will benefit from industry leading technology:

  • Live claims status inquiry checks
  • Electronic secondary transmittal with documentation
  • Electronic Remittance Advice and payment posting
  • Claim scrubbing with clean claim recommendation messaging
  • EOB scanning services to eliminate paper

Our service will offer electronic patient billing, reminders, and collection letters. These services dramatically reduce the time it takes to produce patient communications and simplifies the process of answering patient billing related questions.

  • View your patient statements online and see exactly what your patients receive.
  • Send patient due balance letters to reduce days in AR.
  • Send postcards and other reminders.
  • Add special notices to your statements.


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