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ediLive! - More than just a Claims Clearinghouse

ediLive! provides electronic data interchange solutions and support to healthcare providers and to those who do billing for those providers. We are dedicated to premium customer service for our electronic transactions customers.

ediLive! claims processing software works with any NSF, ANSI, or print file claim image, allowing the HIPAA complaint transmittal of any practice management software's claim file. Additionally, ediLive! customers benefit from real-time connectivity and claim collections workflow management.

ediLive! attaches all claim status messaging from payers directly back to the claim for easy follow-up and correction, taking all incomplete claims and compiling them into a single on-screen worksheet for fast corrections and resubmittal.

Claim Scrubber
If you use ediLive!, we have a wonderful product call Claims Scrubber that can help you to get your claims paid Ė not only faster, but better!  Call our office to schedule a free on-line demonstration.  We can scrub the first 100 claims for you as a free trial.  Donít wait!  Improve your bottom line!  Every coding error you make costs your practice money.  Reduce audit risk.  Save time, effort, and money.  The best part is that you donít have to change your current billing process Ė just let Claim Scrubber help you do it better.  No duplication of entry is required.  Just upload your claims into ediLive! as you do now and click on claims that you would like to have scrubbed.  Itís as easy as that.

Other features

  • View and Print Medicare EOBís in ediLive!
  • Print Timely Filing Reports to send to carriers
  • Print Automatic Letters to Insurance companies
  • View, and/or Print Lists of Claims or Claims Analyses based on any of over 20 criteria
  • Access Referring Source Lists to get their UPIN numbers
  • Access the current CPT code list
  • Access the current ICD list
  • Access the Insurance Carrier list to find the correct payor ID.

Upload Patient Statements to ediLive!ís Bill Manager

  • Statements are checked upon upload for valid address.
  • You get on-line feedback when a patient has moved.
  • A beautiful, open-item statement is printed and mailed for each patient.
  • You can view any statement or group of statements at any time after upload.

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